In-person Reiki

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In-person Reiki for Animals in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

We offer in-person Reiki therapy for pets, animal shelters, and veterinary clinics. You can contact us to schedule a home visit during the established hours on the calendar. Currently, we provide in-person services in Miami-Dade and Broward County, Florida.

  • Our services cater to both large animals (horses, cows, and others) and small animals (dogs, cats, and wildlife).
  • We provide hands-on physical assistance to the animal while accessing universal energy. We always seek permission from the wisdom of the animal to receive the therapy and harmonize their energy system.
  • Duration: 45 minutes.
  • Multiple session packages are available.

Flexible scheduling options:
– Tuesdays and Fridays: 10 am to 3 pm
– Saturdays and Sundays: 2 pm to 6 pm

Reiki Benefits for Animals

Some of the benefits of Reiki in animals are:
  • Restores their energy system, which is connected to their physical body.
  • Helps strengthen the bond between owners and animals.
  • Alleviates acute and chronic pain.
  • Improves adaptation to a new home.
  • Enhances unwanted behaviors.
  • Serves as a complement to the health state in any inflammatory process.
  • Supports post-operative care.
  • Maintains quality of life in chronic illnesses.
  • Accelerates the animal’s natural healing ability.
  • Improves the quality of life for abused or abandoned animals commonly found in shelters.


If you are interested in our in-person therapy sessions, please contact us to schedule the best day for you.

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