Online Reiki for animals

Animal Reiki para gatos
  • Through the sacred symbols of Reiki, we access universal energy to stimulate the energetic restoration processes in animals.
  • We utilize a systemic approach to healing, including observation and a healing process diagram.
  • Duration 30 min

Online Reiki

How Distance Reiki Works for Animals

In distance Reiki for animals, we send Reiki energy remotely to animals in need of therapy. It is not necessary for the animal to be physically present; we can work with images and the animal’s name. The owner or caretaker of the animal can accompany them to receive the therapy from wherever they are located.

We can also perform therapy sessions for groups of animals simultaneously.

Reiki Benefits for Animals

Some of the benefits of Reiki in animals are:
  • Restores their energy system, which is connected to their physical body.
  • Helps strengthen the bond between owners and animals.
  • Alleviates acute and chronic pain.
  • Improves adaptation to a new home.
  • Enhances unwanted behaviors.
  • Serves as a complement to the health state in any inflammatory process.
  • Supports post-operative care.
  • Maintains quality of life in chronic illnesses.
  • Accelerates the animal’s natural healing ability.
  • Improves the quality of life for abused or abandoned animals commonly found in shelters.


If you are interested in an online Reiki session for your animal, please check the availability in the schedule and reserve the best day for you.

Animal Reiki